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Check out "Birth Of The Sadistic Son" off of "Rise To Infamy".

Cowards unveiled a new song off of their upcoming album "Rise To Infamy". 

... "Birth Of The Sadistic Son" is a vicious, dangerous and savage track that will grab you by the neck and will not let you go without a couple of bruises... Has states MUSIC&RIOTS with love magazine. So, click on the link and head over to their website to check it out for yourself. 

"Rise To Infamy" will be out February 9th. Stay tuned for more news concerning pre-orders and pressing info.

Posted on November 24th, 2014
COWARDS "Rise To Infamy" cover-art, track list and teaser, revealed.

Cowards "Rise To Infamy" cover-art designed by Camille Blanchemain.

Track list:

1. Shame Along Shame
2. Never To Shine
3. Frustration (Is My Girl)
4. Beyond My Hands
5. Birth Of The Sadistic Son
6. Low Esteem
7. Anything But The Highroad
8. Wish For Infamy
9. Bend The Knee
10. So Easy

Also, check out this superb audio/visual teaser for “Frustration (Is My Girl), courtesy of Chariot Of Black Moth.

"Rise To Infamy" will be out February 9th via Ruins Records and Throatruiner Records (LP) and Deadlight Entertainment (CD).

Posted on November 18th, 2014
COWARDS "Rise To Infamy" LP is due out on February 9th.

We're very pleased to announce that, we're gonna be releasing, alongside Throatruiner records, Cowards' second full-length, aptly named - "Rise To Infamy". The album is due out on February 9th, 2015. More details coming soon!

"Parisian quintet, COWARDS, has become an unrelenting force since their inception in 2012, imposing their ruthless blend of metallic hardcore and sludge through several vinyl releases to date, and having crushed live audiences all across Europe. Having only grown stronger with every step of their brutal journey so far, the band will now unload their second album, Rise To Infamy. These ten tracks stand up as their most cohesive work, brutally combining the heritage of Holy Terror/H8000 inspired-hardcore with devastating sludge and black metal savagery. Carrying a deep, oppressive urban coldness behind their spectacularly crushing wall of sound, the level of aggression spilled on Rise To Infamy is difficult to endure. Everything has been managed to inflict maximum aural damage; once again recorded by Francis Caste at Sainte Marthe Studio (Arkhon Infaustus, Eibon, Kickback) as with their previous output, the band's monstrous tones sounds colder and more massive than ever. This is nothing but a monument of down-to-earth, unvarnished violence, punishing from start to finish."

More Info. 

Posted on November 12th, 2014
Amplifest 2014 edition, ruled!

So, we're back home from Amplifest, and man, what a remarkable experience this 2014 edition, ended up being. Let's just start by sending a HUGE thank you to André Mendes and everyone on the Amplifest crew, for being so nice and making us feel so welcome, as usual! It was a true honor to be involved, not only selling records, but also by having the chance to book VVOVNDS, in such a killer Fest, with an incredibly distinct line-up. Thanks guys, for giving us this huge display and opportunity. Much love!  

We've been attending Amplifest ourselves, since its inception, so we can safely state that its in fact one of the best events for real music advocates. That's why, we're already eagerly awaiting for the next year edition.

We would also like to express our gratitude to every single one of you who've bought a record or a shirt, or simply went over our merch stall to hang with us. Your support and interest is what keeps us going. Oh, and to all our friends, outside and inside labels. We love you all! 

And last, but obviously not least, to our buddies in VVovnds, for being outstanding dudes, and giving us the most fierce 25m. we've ever witnessed. We're still in awe! 

*Photo by Hugo Magalhães (Porto24).

Posted on October 8th, 2014
Cowards entered the studio today. New album in early 2015.

Cowards just entered the studio today to record their "Hoarder" follow-up and second full-length!
Once again, the band returned to Sainte-Marthe Studio, with producer Francis Caste, (Kickback, Eibon), at the engineering helm. The new record is expected to surface sometime in early 2015. 

Well, let's just say that, for what we've heard from the Pre-Prod alone, you can expect nothing but a sheer outburst of raging darkness. Get ready!

Posted on September 30th, 2014